For further inquiries and to follow up your applications feel free to contact our Franchising Team at 0917-714-2083 or [email protected]

frequently asked questions

Q: What/How is your assistance in terms of location?

A: Scouting for feasible locations is care of the applicant. Our assistance is currently limited to assessing the proposed site for approval.

Q: Can I place a school cart anywhere?

A: Our School Cart package is only limited to school premises where market is limited to Students and Faculty members.

Q: What is your minimum required space?

A: Required space should at least measure 5 Square Meters with a minimum frontage of 2.25 Meters to have enough working space!

Q: On average, how long is your ROI (Return Of Investment)?

A: ROI takes 12 to 18 months.

Q: What is your cost of goods sold?

A: On average, our COGS is 54%, where remaining 46% is your Gross Margin. Net Income will vary on your Operational Expenses!

Q: What are your modes of payment?

A: It should be paid in full during contract signing by either cash or check. Will you opt to choose credit card, there will be an additional service charge of 3.50%. On-line Payment or Bank Transfer is also accepted but for one time payment only

Q: How long is the average turnaround time from application to approval?(Signing to opening)

A: On average, after completion of requirements, it will take 3-4 weeks before we can get the result of assessment of your proposed site. Once approved, you can sign the Franchise Agreement, settle payment, and prepare for opening. 3-4 weeks for Carts while 9 weeks to 12 weeks for customized store giving way for design and construction phase.

Q: How much is the renewal fee?

A: Renewal fee is 50% of the prevailing Franchise Fee. For example, for a School Cart with P100,000 franchise fee, you will need to pay P50,000 to have it renewedfor the next whole terms.

Q: Should I be corporate employee to franchise?

A: Definitely not! You may apply as a sole proprietor, as partnership, or as a corporation.

Q: Does Potato Corner charge royalty?

A: No.