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Potato Corner Digital Gift Certificates are here!

Celebrate special moments or make someone’s day #BetterWithFlavor with Potato Corner digital gift certificates! Send and receive instantly via email or SMS. ❤️

Potato Corner 25th Anniversary Commemorative Videos

During our 25th anniversary celebrations in October, we were keen on letting franchisees know about the exciting times ahead. As such, we worked on creating these videos to highlight the milestones Potato Corner has had in the past 25 years, and of course, to champion the entrepreneurial spirit of the…

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Sweet Potato Fries Are Here!

Well, well! 2018 is the year of sweet potato! Pantone’s declaration of Ultra Violet as Color of The Year feels like fate to us. To those who are wondering, these are fried sweet potatoes. We got a lot of questions as to whether this was potato or not, and the…

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Our Most Loved Tweets of 2017

Thank you Twitterverse, for making 2017 memorable for us! We kinda did take a hiatus, and when we got back, we made many memories with our fans. It’s honestly been a heartwarming thing for us to be able to connect with fans in a very organic way. We’ll admit it,…

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Potato Corner 25th Anniversary Highlights

On October 26,2017, we celebrated our 25th anniversary at Blue Leaf Filipinas. We wanted to thank our franchisees for all their love and support; they made our business magical all these years. And, we also wanted to celebrate how grateful we are to have been a part of crafting a…

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The snackin’ never stops!  🍜🍦🍡🥟

Snackstop branches are all open during All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day so that the snackin’ never stops! Visit us this break!