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frequently asked questions

Q: How can I franchise Potato Corner in my country?

A: Potato Corner is open to applications for franchise rights for the international market! There is an application and evaluation process for each territory.

Q: What are the available franchising options?

Phase 1

A. Entry Level Package*
• Based on a 3-store development plan with corresponding franchise fees for the said stores
• After opening 3 stores, you may be given the option to apply for the exclusivity rights for the entire territory with revised terms and conditions.

*This is subject to specific country franchise regulations.

Phase 2

B. Master Franchise Agreement
• Exclusive rights for a territory
• Development plan for the territory for the next 5-10 years to be presented by the Applicant
• The Franchisor (Potato Corner) hands over the control of the franchising activities in a specified territory.

Q: How much is the cost of a franchise?

A: The Franchise Fee starts at *USD 40,000 for a 3-store package!

**Franchise fees may vary per territory.
***Note that the Capital Requirement for the Potato Corner International Franchisee must include the Franchise fee and 3-store capital investment

Q: How much is the initial investment per store?

A: The typical investment for an international Potato Corner store model starts at *USD $70,000.00 per store, depending on the territory.

* Note that these are indicative figures.

Breakdown of initial investment includes store design, ventless fryer equipment and small wares, construction and setup of store, permits and other government requirements.

** Prices may vary during the actual processing of application. The applicant will undertake his/her own study on the setup costs based on the mall requirements, government and health requirements, and the market environment of the territory being applied for.

Q: What are the other costs I should consider?

A: Please take note of the following:
• Legal Fees
• Leasing Fees
• Translation Fees (when applicable)
• Food Authority (or similar agencies)-related Fees (when applicable)
• Customs / Importation Brokerage Fees
• Local Marketing
• Hiring of Staff
• Other costs / fees related to local regulations and laws

Q: What are the requirements for a global franchise applicant?



• Letter of Intent (LOI)

• Application Form (to be provided by Potato Corner)

• Non-disclosure Agreement (to be provided by Potato Corner)

• Curriculum Vitae (CV)

• Copy of passport


• Letter of Intent (LOI)

• Application Form (to be provided by Potato Corner)

• Non-disclosure Agreement (to be provided by Potato Corner)

• Company Profile

• Organizational Structure


The requested documents will aid us in the evaluation of your application. Should you wish to proceed with your application, kindly submit all Phase 1 requirements and Letter of Intent stating how you have come to know about Potato Corner, a brief background of yourself, and the territory you wish to apply for. Please email the requirements to [email protected]