Potato Corner / C.S.R. / Day 3

Day 3

Written by Admin | Posted on 7 May 2020

The Philippines’ fight against COVID – 19 is not over just yet, and Potato Corner’s effort to serve some smile – one cup at a time – to our medical frontliners sacrificing 24 – 7 to help lift the country up from the pandemic. The best way to do it? Treating them to the world’s best flavoured fries. Just like our frontliners, Spudster’s truck is driving nonstop around the metro, making stops in hospitals to give out some treat to our medical heroes. Our team first dropped by the Philippine Children’s Medical Centre where we our hardworking medical healthworkers welcomed the Potato Corner truck with smiles behind their face masks. No wonder, a cup of Potato Corner fries truly make challenges like this pandemic more bearable. For our second stop, Potato Corner paid frontliners at the World Citi Medical Centre a visit with a some snacks for their break time. It truly warms our heart hearing the faint “thank you” from our healthworkers. Potato Corner also brought our heroes at the Quirino Memorial Medical Centre and V. Luna Medical Centre some snacks for our last two stops. While they are busy attending to our sick compatriots, the best we can do to show appreciation is to bring their favourite flavoured fries straight to them. Potato Corner truly is grateful to the tireless efforts of our frontliners in taking care of our fellow Filipinos and leading the fight against coronavirus. We are always praying for your safety, and together, we will enjoy better, more flavourful moments when we emerge from this pandemic.