Potato Corner / C.S.R. / Day 1

Day 1

Written by Juan dela Cruz | Posted on 7 April 2020

When the Philippines faced one of its biggest challenges in history, the COVID – 19 pandemic, there is one group of Filipinos that immediately went to work to take care of coronavirus’ victims: our medical frontliners. To show appreciation to our medical frontliners, Potato Corner dropped by hospitals around the Metro Manila to show appreciation to those who are working tirelessly all – day / all – night, sacrificing their safety and their time with their families to help the Philippines fight the pandemic. On day one, our first stop: the Pasig City General Hospital. From security guards to nurses and doctors, Potato Corner treated our frontliners with their favourite cup of flavoured fries. Potato Corner then headed to the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Manila, serving smiles and fries to our healthworkers to help replenish their energy as they tirelessly attend to the sick. For our last stop for the day, we dropped by the Mandaluyong Medical Hospital to give a quick breather to our frontliners. Our frontliners’ faces may be covered by masks, but Potato Corner is truly ecstatic to see the smiles in their eyes with the little treat we have given to show our appreciation. With this simple gift to our modern heroes, Potato Corner wishes to say that winning against pandemic is truly better together – with a little social distancing.