Potato Corner Craze V3 Game Mechanics

September 17, 2019
UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 21, 2019 2:13:00 PM

Welcome to Potato Corner Craze v3! 

Potato Corner Craze PHP 100 Discount Coupon for Giga Fries redemptions may only be done every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00NN to 3:00PM.

Make sure to read all the instructions below before you play the game! 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I just redeem my Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries in ANY Potato Corner branch? (Maaari ko ba i-redeem ang Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries sa kahit saang branch ng Potato Corner?)
  • No, you may only redeem at our participating stores. Scroll below to see the list!
  1. Can I redeem my Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries ANYTIME? (Maaari ko ba i-redeem ang Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries kahit anong oras o araw?)
  • No, you may only redeem every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00NN to 3:00PM at a participating Potato Corner store from September 16 until December 18, 2019 ONLY.
  1. Can I use my Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries on other Potato Corner products? (Maaari ko bang gamitin ang Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries sa ibang produkto ng Potato Corner?)
  • No, you may only apply your Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries when you purchase Giga Fries.
  1. Do I need to register in order to redeem my Php100 discount coupon for Giga Fries? (Kailangan bang mag-register sa app upang makapag redeem?)
  • Yes, inability to register prior to redemption is not allowed.
  1. Do I need internet connection to play PC Craze? (Kailangan ba ng internet para makapaglaro?)
  • No, you may play Potato Corner Craze even though you are not connected to the internet.
  1. Do I need internet connection to redeem my Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries? (Kailangan ba ng internet para makapag redeem?)
  • Yes, you do! Without a stable internet connection, your redemption might not be successful and would result to you losing your coins.
  1. Can I still collect coins after reaching the maximum number of Php 100 discount coupons for Giga Fries which is 3 in my Spudpack? (Makakapag kolekta ba ko ulit ng coins kahit nakamit ko na ang maximum number ng Php100 discount coupons for Giga Fries (3) sa aking Spudpack?)
  • No, but you may still continue to play the game without earning coins.
  1. If I delete my PC Craze game app, will I lose all my coins and/or Php 100 discount coupons for Giga Fries? (Kapag dinelete ko ba ang aking app, mawawala ang coins at discounts ko?)
  • Yes, you will. So don’t delete your app if you have remaining coins and unredeemed Php 100 discount coupons for Giga Fries.
  1. How many Php 100 discount coupons for Giga Fries can I redeem per visit? (Ilang beses ako pwede mag redeem kada araw?)
  • You can claim one Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries per visit. 
  1. Can I use two Php 100 discount coupons for Giga Fries to get the Giga Fries for free? (Maaari ba akong gumamit ng dalawang Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries para makuha ko ng libre ang Giga Fries?) 
  • No, you may only use one Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries per Giga Fries order.
  1. May I still redeem my rewards from the Old Potato Corner Craze versions launched last 2018? (Maaari ko pa bang maredeem ang rewards ko galing sa lumang Potato Corner Craze app?)
  • No, old rewards from previous Potato Corner Craze app versions are void and unredeemable. 

By downloading this game application, you are allowing Potato Corner to amend or change the mechanics of the game without prior notice. By registering in the Potato Corner Craze Game App, Player confirms to have read and understood the Privacy Policy as stated below.
Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 17225 Series of 2019
A. Game Mechanics
  1. Tap on the Giga Cup to prepare the service.
  2. Tap the bag of fries to start frying.
  3. Choose the flavor that the customer requests.
  4. Tap the shaker to shake the fries.
  5. Tap the customer to serve their order.
  6. Serve more customers per game to collect coins to exchange for real Giga fries.
  7. Players will be given 90 seconds per game to serve as many customers as they can.
  8. 1 coin is collected for every 5 successful customers served.
  9. Collect 100 coins to earn 1 Php 100 discount coupons for Giga Fries to be stored in the Spudpack.
  10. Players can store upto 3 Php 100 discount coupons for Giga Fries in their Spudpack.
  11. The Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries will only be valid until the end of the promotions.

B. How To Trade Your Coins

  1. Players must accumulate 100 coins in order to get a Php 100 discount coupon on their Giga Fries purchase.
  2. Players must visit a participating store and present their gadget to the Potato Corner (PC) crew.
  3. PC Crew will validate the redemption via logging-in and keying in their unique store code. Players are not allowed to log-in and key in the unique store code by themselves.
  4. Once successful, PC Crew will record the unique reference code number for the Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries that will reflect in the confirmation page.
  5. After validation and recording, player will pay the remaining balance of Php 79 for their Giga Fries order.
  6. PC Crew will proceed to take and prepare the player’s Giga Fries order accordingly.
  7. Player is expected to line up accordingly and wait for their order as per usual.
  8. Players are allowed to redeem their Php 100 discount coupon for Giga Fries once per redemption day per device.
  9. Redemptions are only allowed every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00NN to 3:00PM at participating Potato Corner stores.


C. How To Earn More Game Lives

  1. Players are given five game lives to play the Potato Corner Craze Game. 1 life equates to 1 game.
  2. Game lives will be replenished every 15 minutes.

C. Participating PC Craze Stores

The list below are the only stores that will accept Potato Corner Craze redemptions:

1SM Center AngonoAngono
2Cherry AntipoloAntipolo
3Robinsons AntipoloAntipolo
4SM City Bacoor Food CourtBacoor
5Puregold BacoorBacoor
6SM Bacoor SupermarketBacoor
7Puregold CalicantoBatangas
8Shopwise Grand TerminalBatangas
9The Outlets at LipaBatangas
10Southwoods BiñanBiñan
11Southwoods Biñan Foodhall-Biñan
12Extension of Southwoods BiñanBiñan
13Waltermart CalambaCalamba
14Puregold Halang CalambaCalamba
15Puregold Calamba CrossingCalamba
16Citymall Halang CalambaCalamba
17SM SangandaanCaloocan
18Fora mall CinemaCavite
19Waltermart TreceCavite
20Vista Mall TanzaCavite
21SM Hypermarket NaicCavite
22Waltermart DasmariñasDasmariñas
23Robinsons Place DasmarinasDasmariñas
24Robinsons Place Gen. Trias -L3Gen. Trias
25Robinsons Place Gen. Trias -L2Gen. Trias
26Waltermart Gen. TriasGen. Trias
27Puregold General TriasGeneral Trias
28Citymall-Anabu, ImusImus
29Puregold BucandalaImus
30Puregold Buhay na TubigImus
31SM Supermarket S Mall Imus/ SM Center ImusImus
32Shopwise Express- Buhay na TubigImus
33Waltermart MakilingLaguna
34Puregold San PedroLaguna
35Robinsons Las PiñasLas Piñas
36SM Hypermarket Lemery BatangasLemery
37Circuit Mall Level 4Makati
38Delarosa CarparkMakati
39Greenbelt 1Makati
40SM Jazz MallMakati
41Cherry Foodarama ShawMandaluyong
42Shangrila Plaza – Edsa ShawMandaluyong
43SM Light MallMandaluyong
44Lucky China Town CinemaManila
45SM Manila CinemaManila
46Starmall Alabang CinemaMuntinlupa
47Puregold LakefrontMuntinlupa
48SouthPark FoodcourtMuntinlupa
49SouthPark Activity CenterMuntinlupa
50SouthPark CinemaMuntinlupa
51Waltermart NasugbuNasugbu
52W MallPasay
53Robinsons MagnoliaQuezon City
54SM Fairview AnnexQuezon City
55SM North BridgewayQuezon City
56SM North Sky GardenQuezon City
57Trinoma Mall Acitivity CenterQuezon City
58SM San Mateo CinemaRizal
59Puregold TagapoSta. Rosa
60BHS Central PlazaTaguig
61SM Grace MallTaguig
62Puregold TanzaTanza



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