Introducing: CEOnline Corner EP1!!! What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

April 25, 2018

Presenting: our first ever CEOnline Corner episode! Check out the video!

CEOnline Corner is a vlog series that aims to bring our beloved CEO, Jose Magsaysay, closer to fans and franchisees. Internally, we learn so much from our CEO with his extensive knowledge on entrepreneurship, that it’d be such a waste for all this knowledge to not be shared to the world! We also do see a lot of questions posed to us on social media that we felt could be best addressed by our CEO. And of course, our franchisees do not see our CEO on a daily basis, even if our CEO wished he could. So at least, through these vlogs, even our franchisees from far far away can learn from our CEO, too. There are many reasons why we wished to start this series, and we hope that everyone seeing these vlogs can learn about life and business. 

In this episode, our CEO discusses what kinds of people are fit for entrepreneurship, and what it takes to be one. In a usual franchise among friends or business partners, there are investors, and there are managers. This video will help you determine if you’re better off as an investor or as a manager.