Buy 1 Get 1 Jumbo Chili Barbecue Fries Through Booky

January 5, 2018

Photo From Booky, Edited By Potato Corner Team

Now this is a surefire way to spice up your 2018! We’re bringing in the heat with our Buy 1 Get 1 Jumbo Chili Barbecue treat with Booky! Simply download the Booky app from Google Play or App Store.

We have done plenty of exciting things with Booky thus farm doing the same promotions for our Garlic Parmesan and Pizza flavors. This time around, it’s Chili Barbecue. For those who want to know how to use Booky, you can check out one of the videos we uploaded for our Garlic Parmesan Booky promotions. The flavors may have changed, but the road to more fries is still the same!

To prevent wasted coupons, though, please coordinate first in-store whether the offer is available or not. Please do not swipe until you have confirmed that the offer is available.

Participating branches can be seen in the app as well. Happy munching!