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Potato Corner Can Join Your Birthday Parties… And More!

Frequently Asked Questions For Potato Corner Events

First birthday? Debut? Wedding?

We have you covered.

Potato Corner is the ideal brand for you make wonderful memories during life’s most important events. With kids of all ages loving the best flavored fries, you are certain that your party will be talked about for serving up the shakin’ fries everybody loves.

Want to know more on how to have Potato Corner at your next gathering? Read our FAQs below!

For what events can I have Potato Corner?

As long as you have a designated venue in Metro Manila, and a crowd, Potato Corner can be there for you! We’ve been hired to participate at Children’s Parties, Graduation Celebrations, and multiple Family Gatherings to give joy to the attendees – so if you have a gathering with more than 50 guests, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Who pays for the fries during the event?

The event host, or the person who contacts Potato Corner, is the one who covers the expenses of items ordered during the event. You may set a limit should the items go beyond the minimum order requirement. Alternatively, event hosts may issue stubs they can use to claim fries during the event.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

For our event packages, we require that a certain number of orders are fulfilled so we could set up a booth during your event. For all fees for events, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (02) 534-5845 or (02) 531-9891 so we could provide you with a quotation.

Where can I host a party with Potato Corner as one of my food suppliers?

Any party hosted within Metro Manila can have Potato Corner as a food supplier. All we will need is a designated visible area where we can prepare our fries and serve it to your guests.

Will Potato Corner provide wait staff during the event?

Potato Corner will provide a server who will prepare and shake the fries in our booth. Your guests will be welcome to visit our booth to get fries. If you want the fries served at the guests’ tables, don’t hesitate to inform us so we could both talk to your caterer on the day to¬† arrange the serving.

Who can I talk to if I have any further questions?

You may talk to our Events Officer, Ms. Doris Lambojon, who will be guiding you through the process. Kindly send her an email at doris@potatocorner.com or give her a call at (02) 534-5845.

May I visit the Potato Corner Head Office?

Though we welcome walk-ins, we really recommend that you send us an email to request for a meeting, or give us a call to ask for an available time. It would be best that you do so first so that we can be sure that someone attends to you when you visit.


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